The ventilation solution for houses and buildings that are affected by noise and air pollution.
Occupants of houses that live in areas that are affected not only by sound, but also by dust and smell, caused by road- rail- and air traffic and to a lesser extent, by industry the keep windows closed to keep noise, dust and odors out. The result of keeping windows and doors closed without proper ventilation is that the interior environment in a great number of houses is unhealthy and humid. Some of the symptoms that may indicate a deteriorated quality of the interior environment are headaches, irritation of the eyes, throat and nose, allergic reactions, general listlessness and sickness. Especially people who suffer from allergies or bronchial disorders are familiar with the problems that dust and other irritating particles in the air can cause. Did you know, for example, that there are more than 1800 substances classified as air pollutants? Furthermore, increasing energy awareness has led to houses that are so well insulated that they are in fact hermetically closed.

Sonair F+ is the ventilation solution for houses exposed to noise and odor. It ventilates and cleans the air with good noise reducing properties and a low sound level. This means that besides ventilating the Sonair F+ cleans the incoming air of impurities.

How does the Sonair F+ work?

1. The system sucks in outside air through an insulated tube through the outer wall;
2. A special ventilator forces this air through a sound insulating and sound absorbing chamber;
3. In this chamber the air in the Sonair F+ is also filtered by the filter unit;
4. Subsequently the air flows into the room from the top of the unit;

In the Sonair F+ three kinds of filters can be placed, which are especially designed for the Sonair:

Firstly, G2 filter (Standard)

Removes impurities with the size of >10µm from the air for 50-70%. We recommend this filter as a minimum standard. It for example removes; textile parts, hair, sand, ashes, pollen, cement particles, insects; particles of the size named as above.

Secondly, the F6 (EU6) fine filter

Removes impurities with the size of 10ìm from the air for 99%, >5ìm for 95-99%. For example; pollen, cement particles, house dust, skin scale, bacteria, excreta of the house dust mite, soot; particles of the size named as above.

Thirdly, the F9 (EU9) active carbon fine filter

This filter in combination with active carbon removes impurities from the air with the size of >1µm for 98%. For example; kerosene vapor, smells of tobacco, fuel, soot and exhaust fumes; particles of the size named as above.

We advice you to replace the fine filters once in the six months. New filters are available via Innosource BV and our distributors. You can easily throw away the old filter together with other household garbage.

The benefits of the Sonair F+ are

• low sound level;
• you can keep windows closed. This reduces the noise from outside as well as the risk of burglary;
• incoming air can be purified from dust and bad smell.
• weather conditions do not affect the system;
• the balanced designs fit all interiors;
• the unit does not need grounding;
• no unnecessary loss of energy;
• you can sleep, live and work in a well-ventilated area, without noise and air pollution from outside.

Installation of the Sonair

After you have drilled the holes, Sonair is easy to attach. The unit is mounted on the inside of the outside wall near a power socket. Installation near a central heating radiator enlarges the thermal convenience of the system. Innosource can deliver mounting solutions for every situation such as sidewalls and roofs. The step-by-step installation can be found under label “Technical”, installation.

Technical specifications of the Sonair F+

Housing aluminium / plastic
Dimensions (h x b x d) 48,5 x 33,5 x 13,5 cm
Capacity 19-169 m3/h filter G2/ standard
Power 220/230 Volt, 50-60 Hz
Energy 13 Watt (42 Watt max.)

Noise reduction

Open 49 - 52 dB (Dn, e, w)
Closed 59 - 61 dB (Dn, e, w)
Sound level of the unit (ISO 3471, Lp (A0 = 10 m²)
Without Filter G2 Filter F6 Filter F9 Filter
m³/h dB(A) m³/h dB(A) m³/h dB(A) m³/h dB(A)
30 13,5 30 16 30 16 30 28
60 24,5 60 29 50 29 40 33,5
210 56,5 169 52,5 169 52,5